“Tex-Mex Burger Cantina El Sapo Takes Over Old Bacon Spot…”
–Eater Austin 

“Manor Road’s hippest burger joint has many proteins to choose from, and one of our favorites is El Pescador — a filet of buttermilk-battered Texas black drum (that’s so large it sticks out of either side), lemon serrano aioli, lettuce, tomato, and onion. And because it’s fish, it’s practically health food.”
–Thrillist Austin

“The crunch from the tostada shell worked in tandum with the creamy black beans and guacamole, while the fiery jalapenos played nicely with the grilled meat and other accoutrement.”
–Slow Down & Savor

“Think queso-smothered french fries afloat in caramelized onions and a dozen-plus options for burgers and a riot of Tex-Mex-inclined toppings.”
–Texas Monthly

“Flat Top has been reincarnated as El Sapo, and it still hits that sweet spot, even if in slightly different ways.
–Full & Content

“El Sapo is reviving the space and doing things big with their “Cantina” Burgers (Tex-Mex fusion burgers), as in throwing a bean tostada on as a topping to provide a delicious added crunch.”
–Thrillist Austin